15 Celebrities Who Have Gay Parents


Sexual orientation has always been a taboo. It seems that modern civilization was able to make some of the most crucial progresses in technology, medicine, art etc. but LGBT society is still facing problems. Luckily, things are changing (slowly, but they are changing), and being a gay parent is much more acceptable today than it was before. Of course, celebrities are also straight, gay, transsexual or bisexual, and they also have the need to have children. Whether they had kids because they were hiding their sexuality from the society or they openly adopted kids as gay couples, there are certain celebs in Hollywood who have gay parents, and we bet you didn’t know it!



1. As you already know, Robert DeNiro is one of the most talented actors in the history of Hollywood. But you probably didn’t know that the two-time Academy award winner has a gay parent. Robert’s dad was an abstract impressionist painter and he was not recognized much throughout his career. DeNiro’s father also divorced his wife in 1946 and allegedly struggled with being gay, which makes sense because at the time being gay was not acceptable at all.

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