15 Celebs Who Are Still Smoking… SMH

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It’s been a long time since smoking was considered harmless. Of course, we are referring to the 50s and the whole Mad Men era, when cigarettes were even considered to be healthy (thank you very much, advertising). Luckily, the last few decades are all about warning people to stop smoking and to stay away from this dangerous and bad behavior. Celebrities are, as we should try to remember, just humans, and they also have some bad habits. We are about to reveal to you celebrities who are still smoking so prepare to be shocked, and get ready to judge. One thing is for sure though, Gwyneth Paltrow is not on this list.ReTeks

1. Johnny Depp is one of those men who will always look good with a cigarette. There we said it. The thing is, the man has also been nurturing the I-don’t-give-a-f*** image for decades, and we must say that it suits him good. From Fear and Loathing to Pirates of the Caribbean, he has always been playing characters who have free spirits. We guess that smoking just goes with the whole Johnny Depp brand! But we would really love to see him kick the bad habit after all.

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