15 Celebs Who Owe Their Smiles To Plastic Surgery


When you imagine a celebrity, what type of person do you have in mind? Is it a handsome individual with white teeth and symmetrical faceĀ or is it some guy with a crooked smile? Yeah, we believe that you imagine the former. However, some celebrities were not born perfect. We know, it’s shocking. Some of these celebs had scary smiles and really bad looking teeth before they became famous. Fortunately, once they became so famous, they were able to redo their smiles and blind you with the whiteness of their beautiful teeth. Behold, these are celebs who owe their smiles to plastic surgery!Mountains Photo

1. Correct us if we are wrong, but Nicolas Cage owes his career to plastic surgery! Luckily for Nicolas, he had to have two teeth pulled out for a role in Birdy in 1984, so he took advantage of the situationĀ and came back to Hollywood as a completely new man! It’s amazing how teeth make a big difference on a person’s face, isn’t it? We can easily say that 1984 was Nic’s lucky year because he killed 2 birds with one stone: he got his bad teeth pulled out for a role and he changed them for better ones.

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