15 Fit Celebs Who NEVER Go to the Gym

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Celebrities are almost always in perfect shape and usually, they make us feel bad about our eating habits (and our non-existent gym habits). But there are some celebrities who, wait for this, claim they don’t exercise at all, and still, they have great bodies! Are they lying to us, people? We are not sure. We’ve never seen them exercise or promote any diet pills. But we also never saw them in a less than perfect shape. So what is going on? It seems like these celebrities have some kind of a special regime or golden genes and they really don’t have to exercise!


1. Pamela Anderson is one of the celebrities who claim they don’t exercise at all. Baywatch star gets her perfect Barbie-like figure from running around the beach , doing yoga and by following a vegan diet. However, Pamela is also known for very, very small clothes that reveal every single imperfection. Luckily for her, her vegan diet is strong enough to support her perfect body at the age of 48. We must say, Pamela is one lucky woman.

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