15 Hilarious Gym Fails… Don’t Be This Person

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It’s not easy to decide that it’s time to hit the gym. For the most of us, gym is that place where you go when you start noticing that your stomach is not going anywhere. However, there are some people who have bigger problems than their stomachs. Gym equipment, exercises and people around can be too much sometimes. And of course, there are people who cannot handle all these circumstances too well and they just- fail! But we should thank them because they make gyms funny. They also hurt themselves a lot or they decide that gym is not for them, but they sure  make gyms funny!RPK Tramplin

1. Does this look safe to you? It certainly doesn’t look too safe to us! Let’s be honest, this guy is basically standing on a ball, hoping that nothing will go wrong so he doesn’t break his neck. And there are so many things that can go wrong here. We get it, he is working on all his muscles and he is proving that he is the master of balance, but does he really have to do a circus trick at the gym? If he survived this trick, we hope he never tried again.

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