15 Hottest Rock Star Daughters


Can you believe that some of these hot girls were actually kids when their parents were idols of to┬ámany teenagers around the world? Today, these kids are fully grown, independent and sexy women! There is something about rock star parents that makes their daughters so attractive. Maybe it is the fact that you know every single song that their fathers used to sing, or maybe you just can’t believe how lucky these women are. We are talking about serious amounts of money, luxury and fans and they got it all just because they were born to a rock star family! But we can’t stay mad at them for long because they are so beautiful. Can you guess the first one on the list?


1. Like father, like daughter! Lauren Harris is the daughter of Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris, and she decided to follow her daddy’s footsteps! Lauren is therefore one of the rare rock star daughters who didn’t become a model or a philanthropist- this lady rocks! She is a singer and she opened for Iron Maiden in 2006! Lauren formed several bands, including the group Kingdom of I that was formed with a little help from the Eurythmics’ songwriter Dave Stewart!

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