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15 Kardashian Moments So Shameless You Can’t Help But Cringe

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Source: www.oprah.com
Source: www.oprah.com

3. In 2012, Oprah visited the Kardashian/Jenner family. Of course, everyone was extremely excited because of Oprah, and the timing couldn’t be better, too! Kim’s infamous 72-hour marriage was one of the hottest gossip topics everywhere you looked, Khloe was still happily married to Lamar and it was high-time for someone like Oprah to come and make an abstract of the Kardashian story. When Kris was asked about the interview, she said that Oprah visiting their home was the best thing that happened to them that year, but she kind of forgot that her own daughter Kourtney gave birth in the same year. Oops!

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