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Kim Kardashian has probably graced the covers of every single popular magazine ever. It all started back in 2007, when Kim was on the cover of Playboy. Of course, the whole photo shoot was covered and aired in the Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In that particular episode, we saw that Kim had her doubts about stripping down for the cover, but her momager Kris Jenner convinced her that it was totally fine and that she looked gorgeous. That’s not weird, right? We’re sure everybody’s mom would react like that. Seriously though, Kim featured many covers, and each time was spectacular. That’s why decided to make a list of the most iconic magazine covers Kim Kardashian did in her career!


1. Yup, that’s the first one. This is the very first magazine cover Kim Kardashian ever posed for. It was published in 2007 for Playboy magazine and as you can see Kim is wearing something very typical for Playboy style (although Hugh Hefner’s son said he will change Playboy forever, so we’re waiting for that to happen). Also, Kim’s face looked different back then. Different style, different face and a start of an insanely successful career.

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