15 Of The Worst Celebrity Style Misses

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Celebrities are usually the most stylish people on Earth: they are the ones who set the new and hot trends, they wear designer clothes on their fit bodies and in short, they have a lot of stylists who take care of them. However, sometimes stylists get sick, or go on a vacation. Whatever the case is, stylists can’t be around celebrities 24/7, even though they should be, in some cases. So who are these celebrities who made such great style mistakes? Some of them are young, some of them are a bit older and some made style mistakes decades ago, but they were so big we have to mention them again. Behold, 15 of the worst celebrity style misses!


1. Low slung trousers are probably one of the worst things that happened in fashion. Obviously, LL Cool J and other rappers were really into this style, but the truth is, they kind of looked ridiculous. The good news is that this style is slowly dying, but there are still some (usually hip hop) celebs who insist on low slung trousers! We guess that these celebs just wanted to show how good they look in designer pants, but seriously, this has to stop.

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