15 Plastic Surgery Operations Gone Horribly Wrong


If you think that plastic surgeries were born in the 80s, when everyone wanted to have bigger shoulders for some reason, you are very wrong! The first time plastic repair or plastic surgery were mentioned was in the Edwin Smith Papyrus, a transcription of an Ancient Egyptian medical text. So our next logical question is: if ancient Egyptians had a chance to repair themselves, why wouldn’t we enjoy the same privileges? However, we are not sure whether anyone has ever used so many plastic surgeries than the people from this list. And in case you don’t believe us, take a look at this list!



1. We never really understood why Tori Spelling was so unsatisfied with her looks all the time. She definitely had a killer body and she had a very popular role in a very popular show! Still, Tori just couldn’t live with her issues, so she decided to augment her breasts because she believed in everything media said. Tori obviously had a few more operations that didn’t go so well either, but she keeps denying that: “I wanted to come clean that I had my boobs done in my 20s, because people falsely write that I’ve had all these other things done.”

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