15 Reasons the Big O is Good for Your Health

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Orgasms are good for both women and men. And why wouldn’t they be? It doesn’t matter if you are achieving the big O’s by yourself or with a little help from someone, orgasms are never bad. The endorphin rush is great for calming the nerves, pain in muscles, even menstrual cramps. Also, there are not many things which could get us so rosy in cheeks as orgasms do. When you read these reasons, you will ask yourself why aren’t you having orgasms all day long. Well, probably because it would be too much excitement for your heart. But in adequate doses, orgasms are great for women’s health!



1. Did you know that orgasms can regulate your menstruation? Irregular menstruation can be really confusing. You cannot plan activities without bringing pads, pain killers, and what not. Orgasms send blood to the pelvic area and therefore, they deliver all the healthy nutrients with oxygen right where they need to be. Women who have orgasm once a week are more likely to have every-28-day period.

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