15 Single Celebrity Moms Who ROCK


Being a single mom is not an easy gig, and believe it or not, single celebrity moms are not in a much better position either. Of course, they have the additional help (like millions and millions of dollars) that some single moms out there don’t have but still, it’s not an easy life. These single celebrity moms are single by choice, a divorce or something else, but they all have one thing in common- they rock! They rock so much, they even look better than women who are younger than they are and don’t have kids! So check these 15 single celebrity moms who will rock your world!


1. Sandra Bullock had three stepkids from her marriage to Jesse James. Unfortunately, Jesse cheated on Sandra (how dare he?) and after she won the Oscar for her fantastic role in The Blind Side, famous actress divorced James and adopted the sweetest baby boy. Sandra adopted Louis Bardo from New Orleans secretly, and we have to say, she is one of the toughest actresses out there- she handled all her life problems so elegantly and without fuss.

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