15 Smoking Hot Celebs Who Got Their Bods Doing Pilates

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Pilates is fantastic type¬†of exercise. It may be your path to fitness, or you can just continue to do Pilates forever, your body won’t mind. On the contrary. Pilates sets certain workout challenges to your core, which makes your body leaner and more toned. Also, if you exercise using Pilates regularly, you will get to meet your abs! Finally! You knew they were there somewhere, you just needed some Pilates to make them come up to the surface. But of course, there are celebrities who have done Pilates for years, and if you don’t believe us, you will definitely believe them!




1. Amanda Seyfried has one of the best bodies in Hollywood. Of course, that’s because she works out a lot. Amanda exercises with Harley Pasternak and she is definitely very satisfied with the results. However, apart from fitness, Amanda loves Pilates. She admitted doing Pilates on the weekends for some extra stretching and toning. She says it helps her be long and lean. Also, she is in shape for her roles thanks to Pilates.

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