15 Things Women Find Sexier Than Good Looks


Men usually think that women are very complicated. According to many men out there, women are often hard to read, they often change their moods and opinions and they all want a perfect man! Is it really like that? We think that women are not more complicated than any man- we’re just different. But there is one thing that every man would like to know about the woman he likes and that is- what’s her type? Men often think that every woman has a type of man, an image of her favorite guy with brown or blond hair, with or without a beard, in a tux or casually dressed… But let us tell you something, you are wrong! There are many things that women appreciate even more than good looks and we are presenting you the top 15.Вольеры

1. His sense of humor. If you make a girl laugh, you are doing the right thing. However, if you are trying to make a joke and she has no reaction, stop. Also, if she looks at you and she is confused by what you are saying, stop. And if she is about to leave because the joke you made, abort everything and never speak again. But seriously, women love men who make them laugh because it shows intelligence and intelligence is very sexy!

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