15 Ways Sugar Affects Your Brain

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Too much sugar is bad. You won’t give your five-year-old kid to eat great amounts of cake because you know it will be on sugar rush the next 3 hours. Also, you just know that sugar is not good, so you will try to pass on that chocolate cake too. But that’s mostly because of your waistline, right? Do you really know why sugar is bad for your health, and not just for your weight? To be more precise, do you know how bad sugar can be for your brain? Many nations intake great amounts of sugar daily, without even knowing how bad this can be for their brains. Take a few minutes and read why you should say no to sugar more often.Овца

1. If you think that only dessert contains harmful amounts of sugar, you are very wrong. Sugar can be really bad for you if you are not aware of hidden sugars in food you eat every day. Glucose, fructose, honey and corn syrup are found in whopping 74 percent of packaged food in supermarkets! World Health Organization recommends only 5 percent of daily sugar intake, while the typical American diet is consisted of 13 percent sugar calories.

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