15 Ways To Stop Smoking Forever

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If you are still smoking, you need to read this. Smoking takes millions of lives, and it seems people still don’t take it seriously. Chain smoking is as dangerous as smoking a few cigarettes per day. So don’t lie to yourself if by makingĀ a pause between lighting another cigarette. The smoke you inhale is so hot, it burns your lungs more than you think. Not to mention all the additives and horrible stuff inside the cigarettes. Have in mind that tobacco was never healthy, but before it was way more “cleaner” than today. This is the perfect time to quit. And in order to help you, we made a little list to give you a perfect start.inFOLIO Research Group

1. Be honest. Make a list of all the things you really, genuinely like about smoking. Then draw a line and make another list of all the things you dislike. These things can be related to health, amounts of money you spend on cigarettes, basically anything. Leave the list and think about it for a few days. Ask your friends what they think about it. Find out what are the things they dislike about your bad habit. When you realize you have more bad things on the list, you are ready to quit smoking.

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