15 Worthless Exercises You Are Probably Doing

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Working out is never easy. Not to mention the time you spend on convincing yourself to start exercising and all the sweat you give in order to look and feel good. But there is a catch- you might be doing completely worthless exercises. We don’t want to scare you, but these exercises usually have no value when it comes to toning your body.┬áThere are certain moves and techniques that may seem effective, but in reality they are just a waste of time. That’s why we made a list of the most popular exercises that are completely worthless and you shouldn’t waste your time on them anymore.


1. The triceps “bench” dip is one of the most popular exercises. It requires you to sit on one of two benches placed in positions parallel to one another. Basically, you place your arms on the bench behind you and your feet on the bench in front, and you raise and lower yourself in a series of repetition. The truth is, this exercise doesn’t have many benefits for you. There are better exercises for your arms and your back that don’t require this position, and one of them are regular dips.

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