16 Exercises That Help Burn Fat

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Losing weight is a goal that most people set for them selves. It’s easier said than done. Burning the fat that your body has acquired requires determination and discipline along with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Many people feel they can do one without the other and that’s not the case at all. To lose fat you have to sweat, a lot. Aerobics and other exercises that get your heart pumping is the trick. Strength training like weight lifting and using resistance bands also helps. Building muscle burns more calories than fat. Another thing about burning fat is that you can’t just target one part of the body, you have to work out the entire body to get the fat to melt away. It’s sounds like a lot and you may not know where to begin. Fortunately below is a list of different exercises that will have you feeling the burn.
*Remember to stretch 15-20 min before any workout*


1) Walking/Jogging/Running
This is probably one of the most basic things you can do to slim down. Walking/jogging helps build strong bones, strengthen muscles, helps maintain a healthy weight, and its good for the heart.

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