17 Creative Summer Activities For You and Your Dog

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Summer is here! If you are a pet owner, that means one thing- the list of things you and your dog can do together just got longer! It also means that you need to be careful so you and your little fury friend spend a wonderful but also, safe summer together. As you already know, it’s not so hard to entertain your puppy. They will always find a way to make an adventure out of anything, but in order to make it more fun for yourself, we made a list of things that will make this summer so great! So we suggest you sit down with your pup and check out what we have planned for you!


1. If your dog loves water, this is just the perfect activity for you two: stand-up paddle boarding is the real fun activity! You can rent a board on a lake if you are hitting the beach, and many rentals will allow your pet to hop on the board. Sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding are not just for humans- they are for puppies as well! Just have in mind that your pup has to wear a life vest because it can be dangerous if it falls into the water.

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