How Fat Accumulates in the Body

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The battle of the bulge is a war that has been going on for centuries. Getting the body to its peak condition is a goal that is worked for even more in  modern society. Getting rid of fat that accumulates in the body is a daunting task, mostly because people don’t know exactly how it gets there. The first thing you need to know about fat is that there are two kinds.
Essential fat and Storage fat play two distinct roles in the body. Essential fat is needed for the healthy functioning of the body. Essential fat is found in your bone marrow, organs, muscles and the central nervous system. Many people wish to have 0 percent body fat , but essential fat is actually healthy and having 0 percent body fat is to low. For men the essential fat should make up 3 percent of their body fat and for women 12 percent. Women’s body fat percentage is higher for reproduction purposes.

Storage fat is the fat you accumulate beneath your skin.  Storage fat appears in certain specific areas inside your body, and in your muscles that protects your internal organs from injury. Men and women usually have similar amounts of storage fat.

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