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You want a hot body? Look hot in a bikini? You better work b*tch! Don’t get offended! We just wanted to sum up the ultimate Britney Spears workout secret. The secret is- there is no big secret really. It’s just work. Britney has started her career as a prodigy child and young pop singer. But there was something different about this girl. She had an ambition, Justin Timberlake as boyfriend, and a successful music career. Then came the year of horror, also known as 2007. Britney didn’t really like that year, but she survived. Just after her hair grew back, Brit-Brit decided to get back in shape. And she did, you guys! And we are going to reveal 15 exercises and secrets Britney used for her big comeback!



1. Britney exercises a lot, but don’t forget that this woman is an amazing dancer! She has practically been dancing her whole career, so exercising is something she does to get in an even better shape. Actually, Britney loves short and effective workouts. If you think she spends the whole day in a gym, you are so wrong! She starts with 20 minutes of intense cardio workouts, and then she moves to light free weights…

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